0207 Inner London numbers


We are one of the few companies still offering Virtual Numbers in the popular 0207 Inner London range. 0207 numbers are often used as the main switchboard number, if you are based in London or run a 'virtual office' that needs a London presence.

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To reflect their scarcity all inner London numbers now carry a one-off 'gold premium' charge, payable on initial purchase.

0207 London numbers have no special regulatory issues, and mobile accessibility is very good.

How much will an 0207 number cost my callers?

The cost to call is minimal from BT land lines, though of course it depends on what price plans the caller is on. Calls to an 0207 number from UK mobiles generally form part of inclusive minutes.

How much will an 0207 number cost me?

You will pay a small monthly rental fee for each 0207 number (typically £3 per month + VAT on the basic price plan), plus a one-off setup fee if you are buying a 'Gold' memorable number. Then depending on your divert destinations, you may pay a small per-minute charge to receive inbound calls.

Routing calls to your dmSwitchboard12

As we are sending the call from your number to the dmSwitchboard12 over the internet, there is no per-minute charge to route calls to your dmSwitchboard12.

Routing calls from your dmSwitchboard12 to a phone

Routing calls from your dmSwitchboard12 to a SIP VoIP phone or the built-in WebPhone is FREE.

Routing calls from your dmSwitchboard12 to your mobile phone or land line uses our outbound calling service. Click here to view outbound calling tariffs.

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