dmSwitchboard12: New and world-first technology

dmSwitchboard12 and its affiliated products are designed from the ground-up to take full advantage of the latest telecoms technology. By combining this with a set of unique 'world-first' features developed in-house we've delivered an economical and easy-to-use hosted switchboard in a business-ready package – dmSwitchboard12: handle calls your way.

Technical introduction

dmSwitchboard12 is a hosted virtual pabx based on VOIP technology and operates in the "cloud" (i.e. public Internet) on distributed systems. Various elements work together to deliver an integrated experience:

  • PSTN interconnect/VOIP gateway
  • Distributed call-handling platform that provides script-driven routing and IVR functions
  • Outbound calls subsystem including real time billing
  • Web-based sales, administration and control hub

The technology all operates together within our "GenU" framework that enables cooperation of multiple distributed systems driven by centrally orchestrating workflows. GenU brings together open standards and FOSS applications with our own core systems and is based on our experience in developing leading-edge customer-focussed telecoms services over the last 20 years.

Unique 'world-first' features

dmSwitchboard12 has over 20 unique features not shared by any other hosted switchboard available. These make it the fastest and easiest switchboard to set up, as well as one of the most seamless and trouble-free to use day-to-day.

Pricing (tariffing)

World-first feature
World-first feature Option to pay for extensions either by month or by the minute
(with a friendly bill cap) for low use extensions
World-first feature Setup fee includes a complimentary ProTime setup session with a consultant

Web-based plan editor, manager and activator

Your active plan controls the behaviour of your switchboard, and our online plan editor makes it easy to make changes at any time.

World-first feature
World-first feature It takes just 10 minutes to setup a switchboard for a 5 person company, including setup of VOIP and PSTN phones
World-first feature Multi-service setup, including inbound numbers, outbound calling, switchboard, SIP handset domains, WebPhone, WebDav storage
World-first feature Responsive Web 2.0 AJAX plan editor with auto-save
World-first feature Option to create a particular plan your 'disaster recovery' plan

Voiceover messages

Get started quickly using our voice-synthesised messages, then record your own.

World-first feature
World-first feature Voiceover messages are stored on a separate WebDav file system
World-first feature Templating system to allow for convenient replacement of messages
World-first feature Cloud based reporting of upload records


Use PSTN and internet phones interchangeably, without tweaking setup, at any time.

World-first feature
World-first feature True hybrid: PSTN and SIP phones and the WebPhone all work together
Full midcall menu for SIP and PSTN phones, including attended and unattended transfer and 3-way conferencing
World-first feature Consistent keying of transfer commands between all phone types
World-first feature Consistent keying of transfer commands between all phone types
World-first feature Phased delivery of phone calls to a SIP phone then backup PSTN phone
World-first feature Caller CLI delivery and enhanced call information to PSTN phones
World-first feature DTMF key to accept for PSTN delivery, so that calls do not get delivered to voicemail
World-first feature “A” party caller identity pass through on the system to a compatible calling account system


World-first feature
World-first feature Simple phased call delivery to certain team members straight from a plan
World-first feature Controllable Caller Identity for outbound calls
World-first feature CLI authenticated login on personal extensions, either through reception DDI or personal DDI

Free WebPhone

Our WebPhone is a web-based softphone that uses a plugin that allows dmSwitchboard12 users to make and receive phone calls by just clicking a link in their clubhouse. It has none of the client-side setup issues that plague traditional SIP softphones.

World-first feature
World-first feature Automatic credential setup with multiple accounts. Single click to launch from clubhouse page.
World-first feature Enhanced call information, including live display of how the call was routed through your switchboard to a personal extension
World-first feature Test and setup buttons, that allow for quick setup and diagnosis