Migrate to dmSwitchboard12

If you're currently with another supplier, or if you're already with us but using one of our older services, we make it easy for you to migrate to dmSwitchboard12

Migrate from another hosted switchboard/VOIP supplier

Migrating from other hosted VOIP service

If you have a hosted VOIP account with another supplier, but wish to start using dmSwitchboard12 instead (or as well - if you want to run both systems in parallel for a while).

  • Sign up for dmSwitchboard12
  • You may wist to port your telephone numbers from your previous supplier to our network,
    or you may prefer to start using a new number from our extensive selection.
  • The changeover process may include reconfiguration of handsets and your Internet router. You can minimise the impact on your business by using WebPhone and PSTN (landline/mobile) to cover this intermediate period.

Migrate from an existing hardware switchboard

Migrating from PABX

If you have ISDN or normal lines wired into a PABX, you can switch to dmSwitchboard12 on new numbers and/or port your existing numbers to our network.

Migrate from existing dmClub services

Migrating from other dmClub services

This is easy as there is no porting to do, and it should be achievable with negligible downtime.

  • Sign up for dmSwitchboard12
  • Our Support team will take you through the process of decommissioning your old service (eg. dmSwitchboard or dmVoice) and switching to the new service
  • Your numbers will be changed to dmConnect.
  • You can setup the dmSwitchboard12 yourself, or have the free dmSwitchboard12 ProTime session with a ProTime consultant who will have your new switcboard working in minutes
  • When your new plan is activated - the system will automatically point your old numbers at your switchboard

Migrate from simple multi-line installations

Migrating from simple multi-line installations

If you have a few lines from BT, you may want to start using dmSwitchboard12 and terminate some or all of those lines.