Choose your complimentary 03 number here

You need to connect at least one number to your switchboard, so you can accept incoming calls. Choose your complimentary 03 National number here. It's included in the price of the starter pack.

If you only connect one number to your switchboard it will be used for the main reception. Choose it by clicking on a number from the selection to the right.

What if I want nore than one number?

If you want to buy more than one number, so teams and individauls have direct lines, you can do this too.
Start here to add more than one number.

About 03 numbers

03 numbers are a recently introduced range of UK national numbers. Usually they indicate that the owner of the number offers products or services nation-wide.

If your business is aimed at customers across the UK then 03 numbers are ideal for you. They are also attractive to callers, who recognise them as cost-effective to call.

How much will a 03 number cost my callers?

Call costs from a BT land line are low (though it depends on the caller's price plan). Calls from a mobile to a UK Geographic number are usually taken from the caller's inclusive minutes.

How much will a UK Local number cost me per month?

If you buy the dmSwitchboard12 Starter Pack, your complimentary number is free.

Additional numbers have a low monthly rental (typically £3 per month + VAT on the basic low call-volume price plan), plus a one-off setup fee if you are buying a memorable 'gold' number.

Routing inbound calls to your switchboard is free

There is no per-minute charge to route incoming calls to dmSwitchboard12.